Lord Mandelson: This is no time for us to be turning our backs on China

Stalling over Hinkley Point is a far bigger issue if it means jeopardising our relationship with the Asian superpower   Theresa May and her new ministers are in danger of taking what may be the right decision concerning the Hinkley nuclear power project for the wrong reason — and causing huge damage to our relations with […]
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Keith Bennett speech from CBBC conference

Dear friends Here is a speech by Keith Bennett which I think is well worth reading. Keith is one of the great interpreters of China in the UK, and this is a rare opportunity to read something from him Stephen
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George Yip to launch new book at Imperial College on June 2nd

The 48 Group Club is please to announce that George S. Yip would like to invite any members to attend his book launch at Imperial College on June 2nd. The new book is based on four years of research about the management of innovation in China, written while George was based at China Europe International […]
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