Reginald Hunt: Two Years in Peking

In this short but very interesting interview, Reginald Hunt, an old China hand and good friend of the 48 Group, gives a fascinating account of his two years teaching in China in the immediate run-up to the Cultural Revolution. He gives a rare insight into a world that appears to have vanished entirely, but which […]
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Guangming Daily interview with Stephen Perry

The 48 Group Club Chairman, Stephen Perry, conducted an interview with Guangming Daily, published on 14 March 2017. The finished article, published as the international headline, focusses on the process of China’s two sessions this year. Please find the full interview here
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Stephen Perry – SZTVNEWS interview

The 48 Group Club Chairman Stephen Perry gave an interview to Shenzhen TV News, published on the 5th of March 2017. The full interview is below: The news reports can be viewed at (links provided). Stephen Perry appears at the times given in brackets. (2:45-3:20) (2:53-3:22)
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