Young Icebreakers 6th Anniversary Dinner

On Thursday 22nd May, The Young Icebreakers celebrated their sixth anniversary dinner, sponsored by Huawei.  The drinks reception and dinner were held in the large atrium of Bright Courtyard, with a menu of delicious Chinese and Shanghai specialities.  The event was totally sold out with 222 people attending, the biggest Young Icebreakers dinner ever.  Guest speaker Peter Nolan took the audience through China’s two key ‘Silk routes’, by land to Central Asia, and by sea to South East Asia and India.  Clear links were made to China’s modern success in reducing transport times and forging routes to new markets.  There was a short Question and Answer session as the food was served.

After Dinner, Edward Holroyd Pearce, Co-Chair of the Young Icebreakers UK,  thanked the YI committee and introduced Ambassador Liu.  The Ambassador gave a broad and thorough speech on the growth of investment, both into China and from China into Europe.  He mentioned the cooling economy but cautioned the audience to see the difference between slowing and stopping.  He spoke of how the opportunities of the new Free Trade Zone in Shanghai could be at least as important as Shenzhen was 20 years ago, and urged that the same opportunities of growth and development are available for London.  The ambassador reiterated China’s friendly approach to the world, and took questions and answers from the audience.

The event was a huge success with some staying at the venue networking and enjoying the evening until late into the night.

Click here to see videos from the event. 

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